Amazon cloud loophole


well i an new user who started using Amazon cloud , so may be i am not correct so i love to hear comments if anyone have and prove me wrong , please put your comment to our facebook page

  1. according to me its a biggest mistake in amazon cloud service you do not have your VM console access, you are just depend on amazon EC2 Instance Network connection , if no RDP\SSH then you have no possibility , access your data as slave disk in other  vm and you need to delete problematic  vm .

  2.  no possibility to update Hardware drives , if any driver get corrupted you have just one option to replace vm with new vm .

  3. cost which start month base for lot of amazon product , example t2.micro instance is free but if your vm have drive or something get corrupted to fix that vm you created a new vm transfer your data from old to new and deleted your corrupted vm but to doing this you need to pay 2 vm price , you was using 30 gb on old vm and you make  a new vm with 30 gb and attach your old hard drive transfer data and deleted but to doing this you have to pay full month 60 GB price .

  4. snapshot size you can not find anywhere but the have defer change to keep snapshot dose not matter if you buy 60 gb and till now you just use 10 gb and rest 50 gb is still free .

  5. no possibility to choose hardware\drivers for a vm hardware , example my lot of vmware esxi linux vms are limited to use e1000 drivers only, but if i wish to migrate those vms to cloud i have just one option try my luck and and see if its working , no possibility to change  switch from one hardware to other eg e1000 to vmx3 in vmware .

  6. Shutdown vm from OS side not able to bring online again , any how you have just open option Terminate .

  7. Amazon EC2  Instance can not be Export to your on-premises if you choose from amazon template .

  8. when you import your Microsoft Windows VM images into Amazon EC2, AWS will provide the appropriate Microsoft Windows Server license key for your imported instance. Hourly EC2 instance charges cover the Microsoft Windows Server software and underlying hardware resources. Your on-premise Microsoft Windows Server license key will not be used by EC2 and you are free to reuse it for other Microsoft Windows VM images within your on-premise environment.

    my preference \ target is to find a public cloud wear i an free to
    choose my vm hardware configuration as per my wish , i free to switch anytime from one to other not one template to other which is even possible in amazon cloud , example if i have my template and when i am deploying a new vm it will ask me what hardware configuration   i want , (i just do not like template i mean if i wish to extend RAM from 8 to 16 GB then i need to switch from small to mediom and i need to pay for add on processor and disk space as well even i am not using them ) Click me for more Info .

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same question was asked by me to AWSome Day | Vienna on 28th April 2016 but clear  answer